Your first session with Dr. Dorland is a little different than other counselors.

Because there are no preconceived ideas about what will be best for you, this session is to find that out.

First, there’s some paperwork (for legal reasons we have to do this, that’s why we don’t offer advice over the phone). Through the paperwork, though, we will be able to discuss your individual situation and come up with a plan that works for you. Being flexible will allow us to come up with how often and how long your sessions will be. Sometimes your first session is the only session you’ll need; in other situations, you may need several weekly hour sessions. On average, I see clients 5-8 times before they feel ready to move on from counseling.

Whether it’s one extreme or in between, we will work together to find the right fit.


Sessions are one hour long and are currently billed at $200 per session. However, this fee is subject to change.

Our office is currently only accepting Blue Cross and Aetna insurances.

Dr. Dorland does have a sliding fee of up to 65% off to attempt to meet the needs of all patients. If you have a financial need, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dorland and discuss it with her in person during your intake.



  • BS in Physiology from UofA
  • MEd in secondary Education from University of Phoenix
  • MS in Mental Health Counselong from Capella University
  • Doctorate in Behavioral Health from ASU


  • Licensed Professional Counselor

Professional Memberships:

  • American Counseling Association
  • Center for Creativity in Counseling

Use the link below to schedule your first session.
It’s strongly recommend that you check Dr. Dorland’s calendar before starting a new patient account because she has limited availability.